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About us

INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS is the organisation respponsible for Cluster development; it has evolved from the canton of Fribourg’s Scientific and Technology Hub, an NPR (New Regional Policy) programme that came to an end in late 2015. The NPR programme for 2016-2019, INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS now oversees the development of three Clusters, the Swiss Plastics Cluster established in 2005, the Energy & Building Cluster created in 2009, the Food & Nutrition Cluster created in 2015, which is supported by the Swiss Capital Region as part of an intercantonal NPR project for 2016-2019.

Ambitions and objectives

INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS aim to ensure the sustainable growth of the Clusters it manages

INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS mission to ensure the smooth running of overall Cluster management in three distinct areas:

  1. Strategic macro-processes including: management and piloting – definition and monitoring of the strategy.
  2. Operational macro-processes including: acquisition and retention of members – business engineering – realisation and / or monitoring of activities – promoting the network’s activities and those of its members (local, regional and international).
  3. Support macro-processes including: administration – IT – HR – Tech Transfert - communications – quality management.


INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS comprises the three Clusters (see About us above) together with their supporting back office.




Cluster Managers
Support their Cluster in strategic, operational and administrative areas.

Supports the Clusters and Cluster Managers in everything relating to administration, marketing, organisation of events and courses, accounting, website management, document management and CRM.

Passage du Cardinal 11
Annexe 2
CH-1700 Fribourg

T +41 26 429 67 54


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